May 20 2018

Oldtimerrit through beautiful Zeeland


De Zeeuwse Verzekeringen
Goes is Goes
Hoondert Staalbouw

Kon. Mij. de Wilhelminapolder
De Knalpot

De Knalpot			JB Taxaties
Natuurgevelsteen		Bol Expertise & Tax.
CZAV Agri Sneltank		Jack Anthonisse Architectuur
De Muynck Techniek/AMZ		Café De Snor
Architecten bureau RoosRos	Delmeco Group
Aann./schildersbedr. Snoep	Aannemersbedrijf
ABS Autoherstel Zierikzee 	G & G Autoservice
Agin Timmermans			Garage Touw
Autobedrijf Eindewege		Harrie Verkaik
Autobedrijf Peter Bek		Home-Tec Inst. Techniek
Autobedrijf Tolhoek		Kallewaard Catering
Autodemontage Bert Bek		Kees Schrijver Culinair
Auto Hoebeke	Zeeland Expertise
Automobiliae			Meeuwse Handelsond
Autoschadeteam Baarends		Lunchcafé Stadhuis Goes
Autotaalglas Goes	Hotel Goes
Autobedrijf Kaelen		Meubel- rijtuistoffeerderij Brouwer
Bison				Minicamping De Welle
Nijsse Assurantiën		Overwater Assurantie - Adviesbureau B.V.
Paree Elektro-Telecom BV	Teunis van Nes
Pekaar Bestrating Mat.		Timmermans Versp.
Profile Tyrecenter		Vissertoys SpeelGoes
RoosRos architecten		Van der Valk Goes
Rabobank Oosterschelde		Zld Expertise
Riedam Banden			Stoffels Classic Cars
Roegiers De Koeyer		

Informatie over Molentocht

Setup The Molentocht Goes introduces the participants to the beautiful landscape of Zeeland. Car, motorcycle and moped owners from various countries can participate as long as their vehicle is older than 40 years. This year it is therefore possible for vehicles up to 1977 to drive along. The maximum number of participants is 300. The participants stop at two locations along the way. There, spectators have the opportunity to view the vehicles up close and have a chat with the owners. Of course, the stops for the participants also offer the opportunity to view each other's vehicle, to maintain old contacts and to create new ones. The organization writes a different route every year. Registration fee is € 25.00 per car or € 15.00 per motorcycle. Food and drinks are available at each stop. At the start you will receive free coffee / tea / soft drinks and of course the Molentochtspeculaas.  

History In 1989 the first Molentocht Goes took place. Participants were the members of the English 750 Motor Club with their Austin Sevens. Over the years the ride has grown into an international classic car event. Now, 300 old-timer cars, motorbikes and mopeds join us every year. The event always takes place on the 3rd Sunday in May. The Grote Markt in Goes is always one of the stops. And of course the organization ensures that the route always goes past a number of Zeelands windmills.

Sponsors and volunteers The Molentocht Goes is enabled by sponsors that are mentioned on the right side of this page and by a large group of enthusiastic volunteers. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us at Every form of support is appreciated!

Organizing committee
Stefan Priemis
Joost Hugense
Ben Bouwmeister
Jan van der Craats
Angelique Kaelen
Jeroen Verschoore
Rob Strating
Gert en Yvonne Kruitbosch
Kees Versluijs
Jan Heijnsdijk

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